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Finite Element Analysis

Innovate your products using Finite Element Analysis, enhance the robustness of products and improve your understanding of manufacturing processes. 

Promotion of sustainability is one of our core values with the goal of minimizing the use of materials where possible and promotion of best practice.

Finite Element Analysis of a component under load

At DJH Bridgnorth Consulting we provide robust design guidance & support - Drive Innovation - Solve the difficult challenges - Rapidly adapt to clients needs - Promote Sustainability. We Innovate & Simulate-& Solve the tricky engineering challenges.

Our engineers specialise in transforming our clients' ideas from a blank piece of paper into fully realised products. Our team comprises highly experienced engineers dedicated to overcoming challenges and offering valuable guidance throughout the development process.

Our diverse expertise includes:

• Finite Element Analysis: Harnessing cutting-edge simulation techniques to optimize product designs.

• Complex Computational Fluid Dynamics: Solving intricate fluid dynamics problems for improved performance.

• Tribology of Medical Devices: Pioneering advancements in medical device design to enhance patient care.

• Injection Moulding and Plastic Component Design: Creating efficient and innovative plastic components.

• 3D Printing of Plastic Components: Using state-of-the-art additive manufacturing for rapid prototyping and production.


  • Product Simulation & Analysis

  • 1-2-1 Simulation mentoring

  • Product design and management

  • Small Scale Manufacture

Finite Element Analysis of an assembly of components
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