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Small Scale Manufacture

Working with our network of suppliers, rapid supply of prototypes and proof of concept parts can be gained early on in the development process. Mitigating manufacturing risks at an early stage of a project provides clients with more confidence. From wire bending, welding fabrication, 3d printing and CNC machining, all can be sourced.

CNC Wire Bending

This method enables the production of complex wire shapes with high accuracy and repeatability, making it suitable for various applications, including automotive, aerospace, and consumer products.

3D Printing 

Often considered for just prototypes, with modern technology small batch manufacture is possible at scale. 

From fused deposition modelling, Stereolithography to Selective Laser Sintering we provide a range of coloured and textured finishes.

Traditional CNC manufacture

With one of our partners based within the UK in Coventry and also India, cost effective manufacture is possible to achieve. 

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